Workshop: What To Do When Children Cry

Workshop: What To Do When Children Cry

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Crying is a natural way of cleansing and releasing inner tension. Understanding the emotional triggers and intentions behind children's tears is the first step to address and fulfil the needs we have for self-expression and self-compassion as adults. It leads to greater empathy and meaningful connection with your inner child and the child(ren) in your life.

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By popular demand, this first series of 3 hour workshops aims to provide parents and educators, an opportunity to understand the mechanism and motives behind children's tears.  We'll inevitably start with ourselves and evaluate how we feel when we are faced with the tears of a child.

In the past six years, I've come to believe that every single parent is, in essence, doing the best that they can to parent the children they bring into the world. I've found it very important to emphasise what is actually going right and that's exactly where we're going to start on Saturday 3 December.

Once we're clear on our good intentions and start to understand the possible reasons why misunderstandings occur, then we can look at what you'd like to be doing better in your parenting around tears.


The idea is to gain insights into why you behave the way you do and consciously be responsible for communicating your emotions for the benefit of the children in your life. Here are the subjects we'll touch on throughout the two workshops:

* A few simple exercises with your children generating trust and connection
* Why your intentions are just as important as your actions
* How to become aware of and congruent with your intrinsic values
* Learn which of the four elements you positively express in your parenting
* Learn which of the four elements your child is most like when expressing their feelings
* How to support your child in a way that is honourable and encouraging to their emotional growth
* See research on child brain development to understand if our expectations on children are realistic
* Long term vs. short term affects on emotional stability in four types of parenting styles
* The top 3 emotionally related reasons behind bad behaviour
* Crocodile tears and the broken cookie
* Should we reward or punish our children for crying/refraining from crying
* The long term and short term emotional affects of punishing and rewarding bad and good behaviour
* How to appreciate your own style of parenting and be in love with yourself and the children in your life
* Become a peaceful parent by your own definition and create a personal strategy to stay on top
* What to do if both parents have different style on parenting - how does this affect emotional development
* When  should I intervene if my child "is really going over the top"


There will also be opportunities to exchange stories and ask for specific advice. However, the main point is to create the habit and belief of finding answers within yourself. We are all different and every family dynamic is unique, I hope to give you the chance to appreciate what is so special in the way you parent the children in your life and give you the confidence to remain true to who you are.

The insights into the different elements are shared to allow expansive and non-judgemental understanding to our own behaviour and that of others. I share this information to promote harmony and to develop tools to communicate to others and ourselves in a way that is truly honouring of our emotional intelligence.


I believe the truth resides deep within you and if you are willing to find out why crying is tool to unleash it, you will not be disappointed by attending this series of workshops. I aim to give people a new understanding of the importance of crying and it is my intention to help adults find peace and be better at showing empathy when we encounter tears in the world.

There is a way to remain objective and empathetic when you witness tragedy in life and here we will learn the first fundamental steps in finding and nurturing that objectivity. This will in turn free you from fear of failure and the responsibility for others happiness and pain.  In this workshop you will become conscious of the beauty in your relationships and of the power you have to live and interact in a way that is harmonious with your emotional intelligence and that of the children in your world.


Sunday 3rd December 2017 from 2-5pm in Mechelen (address to be confirmed).


This is essentially:

*a six hour programme of light yet profound life coaching for parents,

* sharing tools for mediation,

* breathing techniques for stress,

* learn non-evaluative listening

* discover elemental awareness - what elements are present in your style of parenting and how is that helpful

* plus a child coach specialist (on 3 December only) to give practical advice if required

* plus light snacks and refreshments

* You will better understand and be able to show greater empathy to your children when they cry.

For this pioneering series on child development, the price has been reduced to €90 per session (instead of €120) (total for both sessions is then €180 instead of €240).

If you book before 27 November, you can take advantage of a further 50% discount.

You are required to attend both workshops to get the maximum benefit. You won't regret it!

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