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Giving your child(ren) or employees an exceptional education has to start with the authority figures in their lives, daring to be vulnerable enough to share what it means to believe in themselves and make their own dreams come true.
— Hyacinth Jones, Inner-Leadership Consultant & Parenting Coach




We serve parents who want to shift their emotional paradigm to achieve their dreams and experience lasting happiness in everyday life, especially in their close relationships, health, career and finances.



We help children (from babies to adults), unearth their leadership potential and their natural gifts. We co-create an authentic strategy, together with their caregivers, for sustainable success and encourage them to realise their highest potential.


Corporations & Families

We provide training and consultation for corporations and families to amplify mutual respect, co-operation and compassion in their work and home environments. We help each individual discover and use their unique natural leadership style to radically improve communication, effectiveness and ultimately setting and realising their most audacious life goals.






We envisage a thriving and engaged learning community, dedicated to developing authentic mastery in languages, sustainable leadership and the arts.

compassionate leadership. innovative education. entrepreneur development.


Are schools killing creativity?

“ Our education system is predicated on the idea of academic ability. Around the world there were no public systems of education before the 19th century - they all came into being to meet the needs of industrialism. “ Watch Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk.

Holistic History

In the information age we’re privileged to have facts and multitudes of perspectives on our human history which stretches back to the essence of humanity. We collaborate with universities and local communities creating a well-rounded view on the world and not just from the perspective of the so-called hero. In his TED talk, American Lawyer, Bryan Stevenson highlights the alarming affects of neglecting to embrace and heal from the harsh realities of a flawed historical educational system.

Teaching Multi-dimensional thinkers

Many of today’s children are being diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, could it be that they simply have another way of thinking which we have not been able to understand and effectively support? Ultimately, each of us has a purpose and a plethora of talents to achieve it. Many a time our strengths go under the radar simply because they’re unmanageable in our standard educational set up. Emilie Wapnick, shed’s some light on why some of us fail to find our ONE true calling





The minute you begin to feel yourself ‘working hard’ as opposed to ‘playing a challenging game’ it’s time to take a break or get around some new people.
— Daniel Priestly, The Entrepreneur Revolution



Take the Risk of Being Right

We want to bring about meaningful change by empowering parents and leaders who want to enhance their leadership potential to make a positive difference in society.



videos worth watching

Top 10 inspiring videos this month. Mostly TED Talks, but some others too. Ideas and training, interviews and music... the list is endless.




books to impact your vision

Understanding and conveying profound concepts provides food for thought and dreams.



entrepreneurs crushing it

Every year, there’s a wave of entrepreneurs who are bold and  authentic disrupting the status quo and contributing to a sustainable future. Every month, we highlight five we've come to hear about.


Our Programmes

Taimana means diamond in Maori and we consider her clients to be the light. Our role as consultants at Taimana Consulting is to be the prism through which the light refracts and make visible an otherwise unseen spectrum of possibilities, clarity and beauty.
— Hyacinth Jones, CEO Taimana Consulting


Life Coaching

Life coaches aim to motivate, offer emotional support and create confidence in their clients. We focus on creating a new life path in order to achieve goals, whereas therapy sometimes looks into emotional resolutions to past problems in order to move forward. Counseling Today.


English & Theatre

We create bespoke workshops for teachers and students of all ages to encounter English language learning, or self-confidence development and stage presence training in a dynamic and experiential way. We promote confident expression as well as emotional and social intelligence competency.


Talent Discovery

Complete three assessment, follow our elemental leadership training and create a profile of your unique assets and possible direction to use them.



Our Philosophy


Hyacinth Jones, the founder of Taimana Consulting is a passionate Parenting Coach, Inner-Leadership and Child Development Consultant, Facilitator and Entrepreneur. Since 2012 she has been combining the essence of four schools of knowledge, concerning the development of emotional and social intelligence in children, and adapts this knowledge to create personalised workshops for parents, schools, communities and organisations in English and Dutch.

Taimana means "diamond" in Maori and Hyacinth considers her clients to be the light. Our role as consultants at Taimana Consulting is to be the prism through which the light refracts and make visible an otherwise unseen spectrum of possibilities, clarity and beauty.

Our work evolves around helping children and parents to find their inner axis (inner leadership) through developing awareness of the four elements: earth, air, water and fire, or in Chinese philosophy five: wood, metal, fire, water, and earth.  The workshops enable participants to consider the hidden messages in their daily interactions and to develop a sense of self-compassion to enhance meaningful productivity towards realising their life’s dreams.

Just as diamonds are brought to the earth’s surface through deep volcanic eruptions, Hyacinth considers that our greatest weaknesses often give rise to our authentic strengths and our capacity for brilliance, particularly in communication and leadership.

You leave Hyacinth's workshops with an inner smile and a set of tools, tricks and tips on how to maintain your resilience.

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