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Our PAssion:



We help parents shift their emotional paradigm to achieve their dreams and experience lasting happiness in everyday life, especially in your close relationships, your health, your career and your finances.


We help children (from babies to adults), uncover their inner-leadership dynamic and discover their unique gifts. We co-create an authentic strategy for sustainable success and encourage them to realise their highest potential.




Our PAssion:



English as a Life Skill

We provide bespoke workshops for teachers and students of all ages to encounter English language learning in a dynamic and experiential way, using theatre improvisation, visual and auditory aids and confident expression.

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Our Mission

Browse this website and discover news and views to inspire you to create a life you dream of.  Make contact and network with people to get you moving to the next step in your life.  Make things happen and keep us informed.

Be the news you want to read and hear about.



videos worth watching

Top 10 inspiring videos this month. Mostly TED Talks, but some others too. Ideas and training, interviews and music... the list is endless.




books to impact your vision

Understanding and conveying profound messages provides food for thought and dreams. 



entrepreneurs crushing it

In 2018, there is a wave of entrepreneurs who are bold and  authentic. Here are five we've come to hear about.


Our Coaching

All our programmes are designed to coach you to discover your own unique inner leader. There are four elements in nature silently promoting harmony in our lives: earth, air, water and fire. We guide you to enhance the elements in your life and to build your awareness to forego tension in your life.

Inner leadership training takes you on an inward journey to discover just what you’re made of and what opportunities you can create for yourself to become the the hero in your own story.

We facilitate deep change needed to get you aligned to your own sense of purpose and to use your strengths to create, attain goals. and maintain inner peace. Inner leadership covered at the Taimana Leadership Academy is based on the following tenets:

1. Don’t Get Mad, Get Balanced

2. Reality check - make sense of what’s going on around you

3. Look for opportunities to grow in compassion

4. Choose The Best for You

5. Know Your Purpose and Values and respect others’ differences

6. Be Motivated to Create an Inspiring Vision

7. Jump in the driver’s seat and learn to skilfully accelerate

8. Sustain Your Own Happiness


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We are always looking for enthusiastic, cultured and grounded individuals to be part of this exciting Leadership Academy.







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We offer Strengths coaching and training, you can also follow the latest training in classroom observation.

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Volunteers are welcome on campus in all fields, from arts, administration, catering and of course teaching.

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