Taimana Integrity


Our Strengths & Vision

Taimana Consulting's strength lies in creating collaborative workshops.

Our mission is to provide training, coaching and consultation to individuals or organisations who aspire to meet their leadership potential.

We are a visionary company who believes that the future is in safe hands and that the younger generation are capable of overcoming the many obstacles ahead.

We passionately believe that supporting children, parents and teachers in the development of their leadership and communication skills is a prerequisite to navigate the rapidly advancing technological future.

We engage with schools and businesses and see the potential in creating meaningful relationships within these two apparently pole opposite spheres. 

Our conviction is to bring unity and harmony at the community level and endeavour to partner schools and businesses in creative projects enhancing their respective relationships with learning.

This type of collaboration greatly strengthens community relations so far as learning, building trust and connection is concerned.

The rising trend in coaching at the moment, is not set to halt any time soon. This is because masses of instances have led many people to conclude that the solution to many of the inequity issues we face within the world now need to be tackled at a fundamental level.

We are here to support the fundamental shift from a competition and scarcity mindset to a self-compassionate mind where synergy and generosity take precedence. 

We are proud to do this through our kind and effective consultation, coaching & training programmes and strive to serve you in a professional yet approachable way.

The pinnacle of our mission is to bring not only an awareness, but a tool-set, a personalised strategy and a trusting coaching relationship to actuality. We help parents, children, edcuator’s and community influencer’s find and maintain their inner axis of peace - which is clarity, authenticity, dignity, beauty and harmony.

Our Mission & Commitment

Our purpose in coaching is to draw each individuals or groups innate creativity to bring forth positive leadership and growth.

We are committed to doing this through: 

  • Compassion;

  • Integrity and Respect;

  • Engaging in Mutual Learning;

  • Joint Design (based upon free and informed choice).

We do not speak of the kind of compassion that means feeling sorry for others or protecting them from the consequences of ineffective behaviour.

Rather, we mean a compassion that enables us to feel for others and ourselves without minimising personal accountability or the ability to see how we could learn and behave more productively.

Our commitment is to explore with you your BEST leadership potential to improve your experience of lasting happiness in your close relationships, your health, your career and your financial independence.