sustainablE leadership

Giving your child(ren) and staff an exceptional education has to start with the authority figures in their lives, daring to be vulnerable enough to share what it means to believe in themselves and make their own dreams come true.
— Hyacinth Jones, Founder & CEO


We serve parents who want to shift their emotional paradigm to achieve their dreams. We help you to uncover what is holding you back and teach you how to positively impact your close relationships, health, career and finances.



We help children (from babies to adults) to develop emotional resilience, social and spiritual intelligence and discover their natural leadership strengths. We co-create an authentic strategy, together with their caregivers, for sustainable success and encourage them to realise their highest potential.


Families & Corporations

We provide diversity and presencing training and consultation for corporations and families. We help to amplify mutual respect, co-operation and compassion in your work and home environments. We provide insight to each individual’s leadership style and help to radically improve communication and effectiveness in realising your most audacious life goals.